About Chinese Culture Festival


Being deeply rooted in Chinese culture and closely connected to the world, Hong Kong is an important hub for cultural exchange. As a melting pot of the East and West, it serves as a platform to promote the appeal of Chinese culture in the international community. With the unfailing support of our country, Hong Kong is now developing in all different aspects to realise our positioning as an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, with a view to extending the reach of Chinese culture and telling the good stories of China to
the world.

To further drive the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has established the Chinese Culture Promotion Office to proactively plan and organise activities featuring Chinese culture and history of promoting Chinese culture. Chinese Culture Festival is one of these important signature activities.

The Chinese Culture Festival embodies the essence of the past and present with a fascinating mix of programmes. Apart from selected programmes of the Chinese Opera Festival and exemplary local arts projects recognised by the China National Arts Fund, eminent art troupes from different Mainland provinces and cities will be invited to perform in Hong Kong. Besides, there will be top-notch performing arts programmes co-curated with other arts and cultural organisations, offering audience with a glimpse into the experience and styles in different regions of China. Audience may also participate in visual arts exhibitions, thematic talks, meet-the-artists sessions, film shows, master classes and extension activities driving cultural exchange.

The Chinese Culture Festival will enhance the general public’s understanding and recognition of the Chinese culture through diversified and interactive offerings. It will also serve as a platform to present a new image of Chinese culture to visiting tourists. I invite you to join and appreciate the programmes showcasing arts and cultural treasures presented by the Chinese Culture Festival, experience the richness of Chinese culture and take pride in our fine traditions.

Kevin Yeung, GBS, JP
Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism

About Chinese Culture Festival

As an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, Hong Kong not only excels in the integration of diverse cultures from around the globe, but also demonstrates the profoundness and wealth of Chinese arts and culture.

The newly established Chinese Culture Promotion Office under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) debuts the Chinese Culture Festival to promote Chinese culture and enhance the public’s national identity and cultural confidence.  It also aims to attract top-notch artists and arts groups from both the Mainland and other parts of the world for exchanges in Chinese arts and culture.  The logo of the Chinese Cultural Festival has been designed on the basis of the lattice of the traditional Chinse window to symbolise Hong Kong’s role as a ‘cultural window’ showcasing the charm of traditional Chinese culture to the world.  The jadestone embedded in the logo represents the Festival’s wonderful lineup of programmes, which are all artistic gems of Chinese culture.

The inaugural Chinese Culture Festival brings a rich and colourful array of programmes, including large-scale performances such as the majestic opening dance drama Five Stars Rising in the East, finely selected Chinese operas from the LCSD’s signature programme ‘Chinese Opera Festival’, and outstanding local works recognised by the China National Arts Fund.  Various local arts and cultural organisations will also join hands to contribute a variety of first-rate programmes for the Festival, including traditional music and dance performances, as well as multi-arts programmes, films, exhibitions, lectures, artist talks and master classes.

In forging the Chinese Cultural Festival, we have engaged in external efforts by collaborating and interacting with outstanding arts groups from different provinces and cities of the Mainland, and have focused internally on encouraging people from all walks of life and different sectors to take part in the various events of the Festival.  We have also included various promotional and extension activities in the Festival to foster an awareness of Chinese arts and culture in schools.  We hope the Festival would promote exchanges between different regions and cultural sectors and encourage their integration, and show everyone the beauty of the magnificent world of Chinese arts and culture.

About Chinese Culture Promotion Office

The Chinese culture, with its long and profound history, encompasses the essence of perpetual growth and harmonious diversity. It endows us with shared values and ways of life. Through a diverse array of exhibitions, activities, exchanges, collaborations, and promotions, we endeavour to enable young people and the public at large to experience the essence of Chinese culture and enhance their sense of national identity and cultural confidence.

Strengthen the awareness and interest in Chinese culture among all sectors of society
Promote Chinese culture through a diversified range of programmes
Collaborate with various stakeholders to jointly promote Chinese culture
Enhance the citizen’s national identity and cultural confidence

Unity in diversity
Harmony in differences
Collaborative integration
Inheritance and nurture
Professionalism and dedication
Progress with times