Loong Legacies: Culture, Arts & Design Exhibition with IP Product Development Programme and Talks

30/8 – 4/9
10:00am – 8:00pm

Exhibition Gallery 1 - 3, G/F, Hong Kong Central Library
Free Admission

Join us for a captivating cultural journey exploring the symbolic motif in Chinese culture, the ‘Loong’ (dragon). This exhibition showcases various forms of artworks including paintings, photography, visual arts, music and moving images. Artists creatively reinterpret the ‘Loong’ and remodel the symbol into a fascinating array of artworks, through which visitors can better their understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. Selected artworks with IP potential will be designed and developed into creative products and presented in the exhibition. These products will show visitors how tradition can be merged with modern creativity. Four thematic talks will also be organised to explore Chinese culture, its tradition and transformation in contemporary context, and to discuss issues on cultural preservation, inheritance and sustainable development.

© Long Xing  by Chelsia Lau x Project 12 (2012)

30/8 (Fri) 2:00pm
Lecture Theatre,
Hong Kong Central Library
in Cantonese
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Presented by: China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Hong Kong Member Association

In association with: Hong Kong Federation of Design and Creative Industries

Supported by: Department of Publicity, Culture and Sports of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R.