Opening Programme:
Dance Drama: Five Stars Rising in the East

Beijing Dance Drama and Opera

7 – 8/6 (FRI – SAT) 8pm

Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall
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A Brocade that Symbolises Unity,
Shines in Glory Amidst the Rising Sun.

This dance drama’s concept of Five Stars Rising in the East is inspired by a piece of Han dynasty brocade armguard unearthed from the ancient Niya cultural relics site in Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang. The woven pattern of the armguard reveals characters that read ‘Five stars rising in the East are auspicious signs for the Central Plain’. This magnificent artefact, designated as a National Class One Cultural Relic, has prompted the creation of this dance drama which tells the story of a Han dynasty general named Feng being stationed at the western border. He befriends Jiante, son of the leader of the Northern State, and Chunjun, daughter of the leader of the Jingjue State. Despite the initial animosity that leads to conflicts, the three eventually join hand to rebuild the city wall. The dance piece revitalises a precious artefact, and through its referencing on ‘Stars in the East’, reminds us never to forget our bond, which ‘holds us together like pomegranate seeds’, an ideal that consolidates the sense of community for the Chinese nation.

Chief Director: Wang Ge

‘An Arduous and Beautiful Archaeological Exploration of Art’ — China Culture Daily

Extension Activity
6/6 (Thur) 7:30pm
Dance Masterclass
Instructors: Choreographer/ Main Cast
Podium Workshop
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
29/5 - 9/6
Glowing Beauties – A Photo Exhibition on Ethnic Costumes
Foyer and Exhibition Gallery,
Sha Tin Town Hall
Free Admission
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The performance will run for about 2 hours including a 15-minute intermission.

Produced by: Beijing Performance and Arts Group